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Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, TriNetX, LLC operates as a research technology platform, connecting healthcare organizations with life science companies. It provides an anonymized data environment of over 120 million patients and an easy-to-use analytics platform. TriNetX has played a key role in projects like the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C), enhancing publishing opportunities for researchers.

TriNetX includes

real-world data on over

120 million patients

TriNetX partners with 250 healthcare organizations across 30 countries

TriNetX now includes 12 IDeA states and

Puerto Rico

Upon joining the TriNetX network, healthcare organizations gain several benefits, including:

  • In-House Trial Design and Analysis Platform:

    • TriNetX provides access to various anonymized data networks, enabling deep outcomes and epidemiological research

    • Researchers can utilize TriNetX analytics functions for designing investigator-initiated trials, obtaining patient counts, and assisting with recruitment

  • Collaborative Network Participation:

    • Access to a virtual datamart of HCOs to simplify data retrieval across sites without the need for physical data sharing.

    • The federated approach allows iSCORE-RC participants to run queries across the collaborative network.

  • Sponsored Trial Opportunities:

    • Healthcare organizations receive sponsored trial opportunities through the TriNetX platform.

    • Life sciences companies use TriNetX to identify suitable sites for specific trials, transmitting opportunities to those organizations.

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