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About Us

About Us

The IDeA State Consortium for a Clinical Research Resource Center: ISCORE-RC will serve as a catalyst to increase the number of clinical studies in IDeA states.  To achieve this mission, ISCORE-RC leads:


  • A comprehensive training program for clinical research coordinators

  • A dedicated clinical service core to build capacity for increased clinical study opportunities 

This program is funded by a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (U24GM150446)


Meet our Team

ISCORE-RC Principal Investigator: Sally Hodder

Director: Meghan Reeves

Clinical Research Certificate Director: Shelley Welch

Asst. Director, CRCDP: Sarah Haymond

Asst. Director CRCDP: Debbie Lee

Service Core Manager: Sharon Patrick

Data Manager: Chloe Miller

Administrative Project Coordinator: Austin Anderson

Communications Manager: Ian Moore

Communications Specialist: Dalia Elsaid

Evaluation Director: Reagan Curtis

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