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Checking Blood Pressure

The IDeA State Consortium for Clinical Research Resource Center (ISCORE-RC) is optimizing clinical research

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A Career in Clinical Research Coordination

Clinical Research Coordinators are pivotal in developing, coordinating, and implementing strategies for successful clinical trials. They perform various duties, including trial coordination, oversight, documentation, and data collection, essential for efficient research management and data compilation.

“This is an exciting opportunity to build clinical trial availability for underserved populations across the country"

Sally Hodder, MD

Director, West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute

"This program is a great opportunity for people to start a career where they can be on the front line of research."

Jada Heath-Granger, MPH

Clinical Research Specialist 

“Initiatives like the ISCORE-RC are incredibly valuable to expanding the number of trained and passionate research coordinators across the country.”

Shelley Welch, RN, CCRC

Director, WVCTSI Clinical Trials Center of Excellence

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